Construction Change Orders - Impact, Avoidance, Documentation; James J. O’Brien; May 1998, McGraw-Hill, 356 pages, $69.95

0070482349_mMr. O’Brien utilizes his experience as the Vice Chairman of the Board of O’Brien Kreitzber, a major construction management company, to write a definitive book on the change order process. He has handled projects such as the JFK International Airport redevelopment and the renovation of San Francisco’s cable car system.

His latest book, Construction Change Orders, details the history of change orders from the viewpoint of all concerned parties; the A/E, the owner, project manager, and the contractor. Legal precedents are cited and are an effective guide for those considering litigation concerning changes to the contract.

Mr. O’Brien gives many examples and cases to follow and understand the proper procedures to effectuate a change process. The book shows how proper documentation can effectively counter risk avoidance by the owner and/or the A/E. Responsilbility for changes and how to implement time extensions due to changes is thoroughly reviewed. Procedures are fully documented and the forms, cases, and examples make this book a must have for any commercial contractor.


Home Building Manual; 1998; $54.95

book3The Home Building Manual is chock full of forms and checklists for the private homeowner to utilize in building their dream home. Pre-planning is seen as the key to ensure that what the homebuilder envisions and what he receives are one and the same.

A 100-day schedule is used as a guide for the various construction phases with each event receiving a detailed checklist to be accomplished to the owner/builder’s satisfaction prior to start of the next phase.

There are many tips on what to look for in quality contractors and how certain items such as insulation and flooring should be installed. A walk-through punchlist and a Contractor’s Agreement form round out this guide to home building.order

Contractor’s Portable Handbook; R.Dodge Woodson; March 1998; McGraw-Hill, 512 pages, $59.95

0070718369_mA glove compartment size, sturdy, soft cover handbook written for the advanced homebuilder or developer of homes. From A to Z, sitework to finish carpentry, everything is in this handy homebuilder’s guide.

Woodson’s book goes that step further and details in a how-it’s-done style that is easy to understand and implement. Zoning and local code regulations are discussed. How to pre-fab walls, look out for hidden conditions, order doors and windows, and even provide for the handicapped are all addressed with common sense and case histories. Many illustrations, formulas and tables add to the value of this book.

Woodson relies on his twenty plus years as a Maine licensed plumber and contractor to give insight to common problem areas such as replacing old galvanized plumbing with copper  and the reasons why. There is plenty of useful advice in selling to the customer and areas to pay critical attention to while building a quality home. A great addition to theorder toolbox of your project managers and job foremen.



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