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Written by a contractor with over 25 years experience, the basic bid estimating course gives you a solid foundation to begin the process of winning bids. Knowing your costs and that you have covered all "bases" will prevent last minute doubts and ensure a strategy for being competitive.

This course separates the many items of overhead, labor and materials that go into an estimate and turns it into an easily understood complete bid.

Please understand that this is an online course only. There is no book.

Course Syllabus - Bid Estimating 101

Lesson 1: Introduction and Preparation

  • Tools of the Trade - Planning and simplicity, equipment, lighting
  • Hardware - pricing books - software, computer?, what type, applications to consider
  • Software - Estimating software, sources, how to evaluate
  • Job Familiarity - Site visit, proper and complete plans and specs, plan services, estimating services

Lesson 2: Proper Estimating Methods

  • Assemblies - What an assembly is, why assemblies are big time savers, adjusting assemblies, examples, constructing
  • Repetitive Items and Scale - Labor adjustments for repetition, economy of scale, degree of difficulty, weather, seasons, timing, unforeseen hazards
  • Specs and Plans - What to check for in the plans and specs, penalties, pay-when-paid clauses, arbitration clause, estimatorís log
  • Organization - The correct way to do take-offs, counting and verification, scaling, highlighting, symbols
  • Management - Discrepancies, notification procedures, dealing with distributors, dealing with the Boss, job superintendent

Lesson 3: The Take-Off

  • Practical Application - This lesson will give practical examples of a proper take-off

Lesson 4: Continuance of the Take-Off

  • Practical Application - Further take-off examples and applications
  • Adjustments - Adjusting material and labor factors
  • Forms - Practical forms for your use


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