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Project Management Facts and Myths

Now, for the first time, told like it is!

This Project Management Online Course has been written from the contractor's viewpoint. Four contractors with a combined experience of over 100 years in the construction industry have contributed to this course. Their expertise covers the general construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration fields.

Most books written on project management give you details of training, planning, scheduling, etc. This ebook turns the tables and tells the reader what REALLY happens in the construction world as viewed from the one who runs the job. Project management in fact could easily be called human resource management. Through the eyes of our contributors you will see how the manipulation of the parties involved ultimately determines the profitability of the job. This

course is suitable for newcomers to the construction business who want to know where to start as well as those who have been around for awhile and want to brush up on management techniques. It also gives architects, engineers, and construction inspectors insight on what contractors really think.

Practical examples are given throughout and are based on real-life situations.

This is a no-holds barred project management course that will raise a few eyebrows while it tells it like it really is.

Please understand that this is an online course only. There is no book. You may read online or print out and use for your personal use.

Course Syllabus - Project Management 103

Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Pre-Construction Planning
  • Basic Management Controls - Keys to success, making a plan, delegation, pre-cons, value engineering, modifications, forms utilization, monitoring, prefab, submittal control
  • Laying Out the Job - Necessary documentation, utility coordination, permits, environmental requirements, HAZCON, OSHA, MSDS
  • Job Scheduling - Equipment and tool considerations, manpower allocation, the schedule, delay administration, PERT and CPM explained

Lesson 2: Work-in-Progress Planning

  • Job Responsibilities - Duties of the superintendent/foreman, dealing with the owner-project engineer/architect
  • Labor Control - Proper manning, reporting, assigning labor codes, proper tooling, quality control
  • Material Control - Submittals, sourcing, purchase orders, inventory control, effect of other jobs, suppliers, job costing, shortages, direct job expenses

Lesson 3: Change-Orders

  • Small and Large CO’s - Tedious but necessary, field responsibility, documentation, proper notification of affected parties
  • Effect on Job - Disruption, acceleration of contract, minimizing
  • Getting Approval -  The process to go through
  • Who Pays? - Discretion, the better part of valor, how to tell when to stand and when to run

Lesson 4: Punch List

  • Documentation - Final submittals, job book
  • Walk-Through - Secret to an “easy” punch list, two separate walk-through's, what to look for and what to avoid
  • Testing - Subcontractor coordination, who foots the bill?, length of warranty  
  • As-built's - Who provides?, mylars v. paper, CAD acceptance, an alternative worth a try
  • Close-out - Cleanup, materials, equipment, labor review, maintenance scheduling, lien releases
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