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Clevor Technologies

CLEVOR Schedule Optimizer represents a major breakthrough in scheduling. It delivers a patent-pending advanced technical solution with compelling return on investment and unparalleled ease of use. Fully automatic, it has shown that it produces results that are significantly better than either the critical path method or rule based scheduling systems. Consultation available.

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Customer experience
" In less than five weeks, we had to remove the dry screening equipment, demolish several floors of concrete, establish a lift well, install new structural steel, install three bucket elevators, several screens, and all the interconnecting drag conveyors and chutework. All this work had to take place…as scheduled…to avoid losses in the order of magnitude of millions of dollars per day in lost revenues for the owner. As the site engineer and owner's representative, I am of the opinion that without your software, the contractor would not have been able to complete the work on time." (view)

William Hughes
Site Engineer
Rocanville shutdown expansion
" The scheduling solution provided by Clevor has not only provided significant amount of cost savings, but also allowed us tighter controls over our projects." (view)

Ron Kunkel
Alto Construction Ltd.
CLEVOR helps contractors build a competitive advantage
Because the jobs contractors bid for are given specifications, contractors cannot easily differentiate themselves from their competition. To be competitive, contractors must minimize their costs, find qualified people to meet the demand, and improve their due date performance.

To minimize costs, one can improve the resource productivity or utilization, which also helps with the problem of labour shortage. Due date performance can be improved by executing the tasks in the correct sequence by the right resources. Productivity, task sequence, and resource assignment all have to be handled when one is trying to come up with the best schedule, for you can have high productivity and yet not meet the due dates because you may be working on the wrong tasks.

CLEVOR Schedule Optimizer represents a breakthrough in scheduling technology. It can build an optimal, realistic, and lowest cost schedule that handles the issues of productivity, task sequence, and resource allocation.

Major features

  • Works with multiple project management platforms: Microsoft Project, Primavera P3 and SureTrak
  • The schedule can be seen in all the forms available in the project management software being used.
  • User can use all team collaboration and reporting tools available in the project management platform they use.
  • Gives much better results than Critical Path Method.
  • Respects all constraints.
  • Totally automatic. No need to drag and drop.
  • Dramatically improves the effectiveness of the human scheduler.
  • Can optimize for any given business objective.
  • Links the operating objective with the business objective directly.
  • Very rapid scheduling engine.
  • Realistic modelling of costs, such as resource costs, fixed costs, overhead costs, interest costs, moving costs, opportunity and lateness costs.
  • Realistic modelling of resources, such as alternative resources and alternative capacities.
  • Provides task wise cost information which is used by contractors to identify "best practices."

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