Current and pending legislation resulting from the cases profiled herein.


Case #1 - The Anointed Highway Superintendent

Original Claims:

 Wand Electric Inc. - $2M + for money owed and loss of business.

 Clinton County - $125,000.00 to redo the job under new specifications.


 An arbitration panel of two professional engineers and a lawyer with political ties (previous head counsel to the Adirondack Park Agency) found for Clinton County and awarded $5,857.81. Gave no reason and refused to elaborate on appeal.


 Appealed before Supreme Court Justice James P. Dawson on grounds that arbitrators acted irrationally in completely ignoring the contract to such an extent that it rendered the contract virtually worthless.

 Denied - no reason - award not beyond reasonable expectations

 Appealed before Appellate Division, Third Department, Supreme Court of New York State on same grounds and that Judge Dawson never even looked at the issues involved.

 Asked for time extension to perfect appeal. Denied without prejudice. Ordered to retain attorney by May12 as business is a corporation and NYS corporations not allowed to be represented by layperson.

 Attorney retained.

 County attempts to have appeal denied based on failure to appeal within 30 days.

 County’s motion denied if appeal is perfected by July 6th.

 Appeal perfected on July 6th.

 Hearing date set for October 31, 1997

 Decision Rendered. December 31, 1997 - Arbitrators can do whatever they desire, contracts are meaningless. And this is why the little people have no faith in the American justice system.


A civil fraud and civil RICO suit is being prepared in the amount of $100M against County officials, Clinton County, and others to be served in September 2000. Another lawsuit against the federal government is pending.

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Letter to and answer  from AAA Regional Vice-President Deborah Brown.