So, if LaBarge had 110 grievances filed against him personally within a two year period - why was he not fired? Why did Clinton County manager Bill Bingel and County Legislator Bob Shimko call him one of the best managers the County ever had? Here's one explanation.

One of LaBarge's duties was to manage the Clinton County landfill. Under his "management" the landfill was millions of dollars in the red. Employees were hired and fired at random and expensive equipment was purchased costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. This equipment was taken to the back areas of the landfill and allowed to run without an operator in order to run up the clock hours thus making it appear that the equipment was being used and justifying its purchase. These allegations appeared in the local tabloid as many garbage haulers and town highway superintendents were having a very difficult time in dealing with Mr. LaBarge and were venting their frustrations.

Did County District Attorney Penelope Clute investigate these allegations of government malfeasance and abuse of power? Nope. Did Clute investigate Wand's claims of fraud after the arbitration hearing? Nada. When Clute lost her re-election campaign, who used his influence to have her appointed to the City Court Bench. Who else, but Senator Ron Stafford. The same Ron Stafford who introduced special legislation in the State Senate to have his business partner Murnane Associates obtain a no-bid contract to build the County Sheriff's department.