Doctor not happy with AAA.

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:42:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Karen Martinko <>
Subject: Re: Supporting your cause..

At 04:08 PM 3/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:

I recently read your complaint regarding the AAA on the contractorszone website. I am not a contractor, but instead a foot doctor. I can share my experience with you which I am still actively disputing. I would be HAPPY to share details of my case, support your cause in any way possible, and would be elated to participate in a class action lawsuit against this scam organization called the AAA.

In summary, nearly 2 years ago I finished my first year in medical practice with a partner. The partner- ship was not working out and I proposed a peaceful solution of splitting the practice 50/50, who ever could determine what that would be, with my ex business partner. She sued me and the judge basically threw her suit out of court and into the lap of the AAA. Since the damage value was set at less than $75,000 this placed the case on the alleged "expedited" fast track as the AAA calls it!

I have documentation from them stating this case was considered expedited and expedited AAA rules should apply. One day prior to the arbitration hearing date for which there was only one arbitrator, the parties signed a detailed Settlement Agreement resolving the dispute. Included was a letter of intent, signed one week earlier, giving the arbitrator only the ability to resolve disputes for the seven day period from the time the letter of intent was signed until the final Settlement Agreement was signed (7 days later). In other words, his jurisdiction was for one week and only for disputes not directly addressed in the draft agreement. We essentially settled without going to arbitration. No court hearing was held.

Without dragging this initial memo out....the arbitrator assigned a "special master" (an accounting firm)to wind up the affairs of the business and the two worked together over the course of 10 months! to develop a $45,000!!!!!!bill!!!!!! Remember this is a very small!!!practice and an expedited case! The practice could have easily been "wound up" in an afternoon, it was that small. $4000.00 of their bill was for alleged conversations between this assigned accountant and the arbitrator! I later found out more incriminating evidence regarding these two parties which may or may not denote criminal activity. I like you, worked my way up the chain of command at the AAA escalating this to the NY headquarters without response and utter silence. I contacted media who were very interested in the story but then mysteriously backed out after a conversation with the arbitrator. I also contacted my Representative, who did send a letter to the AAA but then left it at that. As of today, I continue to fight and will continue until justice is served. My dispute is not one of biased awards since there really were none, but of utter and complete theft, fraud, etc.. by the arbitrator and his accountant friend against both parties. I have brought this complaint to the governing boards for both of these profession and each board has warranted that my complaint has merit. Each are conducting formal investigations and I expect to hear their responses within the month.

Again, I would be delighted to help you in any way or some how find a way where there is power in numbers to band together to stop the American people from being scammed by the AAA. You may want to access the websites or call the San Francisco Trial Attorneys Association who has identified the AAA as a problem and has called for a boycott in California against this organization. Call them.. They can give you more info. The executive director is heading up their activity against the AAA.


Karen M