Dr. Pikul's Report

   Dr. Richard Pikul is a nationally reknown consulting engineer specializing in troubleshooting engineering claims such as the Clinton County Highway Garage. Dr. Pikul's visitation was conducted in mid-February, 1994 at Wand Electric's request.

    It should be pointed out that the punch list prepared by the architect was never given to Wand until Dr. Pikul's visit, i.e., very few complaints had been made as to workmanship up until the time that the County Highway Superintendent decided to terminate Wand's contract.

    Further, the majority of items in the architect's punch list were caused by architect error, the County itself, or other subcontractors hired by the County not under Wand's control. Those items that were Wand's responsiblity to correct were, first, never made known to Wand as required by contract documents, and second, those items that were known, such as a warped window sill and uneven cutting of wallpaper; Wand was never allowed to complete and in fact, the Highway Superintendent, Francis Labarge, threw Wand's employees and subs off the jobsite when they attempted repair.

    It is noteworthy that the County attempted to have its preferred contractor, Murnane Associates, demolish the work that Wand had already completed before Dr. Pikul was able to visit the jobsite and that it took a Supreme Court injunction to prevent the County from doing this demolition.

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