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American Gas Association A.G.A. acts as a clearinghouse for gas energy information, as a catalyst in technical and energy policy matters, and as powerful voice for its members.

American Institute of Architects Since 1857, the AIA has been the collective voice of America's architects. Representing 58,000 members, the Institute advances the value of architects and architecture and their role in shaping the public's quality of life.

American Institute of Steel Construction - Not only does AISC write the Standards that provide the foundation for steel design in the U.S., we also offer Training and Networking opportunities to keep the steel community informed and connected. And AISC offers direct Member Benefits.

American Iron and Steel Insitute For over a century, North American steel producers have left their day-to-day rivalries behind to work as partners and members of the American Iron and Steel Institute in furthering its mission to promote steel as the material of choice and enhance the competitiveness of the North American steel industry and its member companies.

American National Standards Institute This site has been designed to provide the Institute's members and customers with convenient access to information on the ANSI Federation and the latest national and international standards-related activities. ANSI Online also offers links to a number of our member's web sites and to other key national and international organizations.

American Society of Civil Engineers The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), founded in 1852, is the oldest national professional engineering society in the United States. ASCE is dedicated to the advancement of the individual civil engineer and the advancement of the science and profession of civil engineering through education.

American Society for Continuing Education ASCE is one of the country's leading private providers of cost-effective, quality continuing professional education for accounting and tax professionals. Our CPE materials are used by thousands of accounting firms, individuals, corporations, universities, and government agencies to meet their mandatory reporting requirements.

American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is an international organization of 50,000 persons with chapters throughout the world. The Society is
organized for the sole purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration for the public's benefit through research, standards writing, continuing education and publications.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers To promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of our members, and through quality programs and activities in mechanical engineering, better enable its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind.

American Subcontractors Association The American Subcontractors Association, Inc. (ASA) is a non-profit trade association of both union and open shop subcontractors, specialty trade contractors and suppliers in the construction industry. Founded in 1966, ASA serves more than 7,000 firms through a nationwide network of state and local chapters. ASA provides advocacy and education on key construction issues such as retainage, payment, lien and bond rights,and bidding practices.

Associated Builders and Contractors ABC is a national construction association representing 19,000 construction and construction related firms in 80 local chapters across the United States. Founded in 1950, ABC is the only organization devoted exclusively to representing the interests of merit, or open, shop contractors. From its headquarters in metropolitan-Washington, D.C., the association represents the interests of its members on Capitol Hill and in the various regulatory agencies. The association is also active in providing safety, training and education for the construction industry. ABC, through its chapters, also sponsors the school to work program to encourage more young people to pursue careers in construction.

Associated General Contractors The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is comprised of over 32,500 members including General Contractors, Associate, and Affiliate members. There are 101 AGC Chapters throughout the United States and it's Commonwealths. This association serves Building, Heavy/Industrial, Transportation, and Utilities Contractors with advanced training, education, and service programs at the national and regional levels.

Associated Owners and Developers The Associated Owners and Developers (AOD) is a growing association committed to creating a more favorable business environment for those who own, develop and manage real property, the owners and developers involved in the construction process.

Construction Specifications Institute - The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a national professional association that provides technical information and products, continuing education, professional conferences, and product shows to enhance communication among all the nonresidential building design and construction  industry's disciplines and meet the industry's need for a common system of organizing and presenting construction documents.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors The association brings together inspectors, utilities, insurance groups, dealers, contractors, electricians, manufacturers, and testing laboratories to promote safe installation and use of electrical systems and products.

Lightning Protection Institute LPI is concerned with developing the means of protecting life, property and assuring public safety by extending the use of proper lightning protection systems as well as promoting the practice of personal safety measures.

Mechanical Contractors Association of America The more than 1,300 contractors that proudly call themselves members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America are dedicated to excellence and committed to quality. MCAA members deliver construction that moves quickly and efficiently. Their jobs are problem free and safe.

National Association of Home Builders If you're thinking of buying a new home or remodeling an existing home, you've come to the right place! The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a rich store of information about homeownership, home building, remodeling and the housing industry.

National Association of Minority Contractors NAMC is one of the oldest and most respected trade associations representing minority construction contractors in the country. The group is dedicated to promoting the economic and legal interests of minority contracting firms and provides training and education to its members.

National Concrete Masonry Association The Association is involved in a broad range of technical, research, marketing, government relations and communications activities. NCMA is an association of producers of concrete masonry products, and suppliers of products and services related to the industry. NCMA offers a variety of technical services and design aids through publications, computer programs, slide presentations and technical training.

National Fire Protection Association This is the Home Page for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This site contains the latest information about the NFPA, its departments, publications, seminars, and educational programs.

National Insitute of Standards and Technology The National Institute of Standards and Technology was established by Congress "to assist industry in the development of technology ... needed to improve product quality, to modernize manufacturing processes, to ensure product reliability ... and to facilitate rapid commercialization ... of products based on new scientific discoveries."

NorthWest BuildNet - NorthWest BuildNet is an online news, information, resource, and marketing center for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction) industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Structural Engineering Virtual Library The intent of this site is to provide an information resource for Structural Engineering related topics.

Structural Insulated Panel Association - SIP is an acronym for Structural Insulated Panel. Joining high performance rigid foam insulation to oriented strand board, (OSB), produces these engineered wood building components. The result is a building product that is predictable, resource efficient and cost effective. SIPs are used as floors, walls and roofs on all types of buildings across North America and shipped around the world for use on the widest variety of buildings imaginable.

Underwriters Laboratories The latest on on-line access to Environmental and Public Health directories, UL Data Services, Standards, Seminars, Product directories, and other information resources from UL.


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