Following are case histories and the names of individuals whose decisions have had great impact on contractors and construction-related businesses. It remains for the reader to make his own value judgment regarding utilizing, conducting business with, or appearing before these individuals and/or businesses.  

The construction contractor has placed himself, deservedly or not, in the same category as used car dealers, lawyers, politicians, and the government. That is to say, we suffer from bad press. For every one thousand good jobs completed it sometimes appears that the only one mentioned in the media, is the disastrous one.  

There is another side contrary to public opinion. And that is of the contractor, who, having signed a contract in good faith and performing professionally and with due diligence, is blindsided by negligence, incompetence, ego, hubris, cover-up and downright fraud.

Occasionally, a contract is broken by the unscrupulous and incompetent to cover their lack of expertise in dealing fairly with construction activities. And sometimes, those charged with interpreting the contract fairly, fail, because of their own personal biases and inadequacies or outside political influence.  

The cases presented here are to inform the public of what has happened and could happen to those who act in good faith and run afoul of the powers that be.  

If anyone is aware of other cases of construction injustice from a contractors perspective, similar to those below, please contact us to have the case presented.  

Lastly, if the news media concentrated more on the merits of the injustice rather than whose toes were being stepped on and the lack of sex, violence, or abuse that characterizes much of what is called "news" today, then this site would probably not be here.

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  • Case 1 - The Anointed Highway Superintendent - NY
  • Case 2 - Legal Blackmail
  • Case 3 - OKC Homeowner doesn't trust arbitration - OK
  • Case 4 - California doctor unhappy with arbitrator and AAA. - CA
  • Case 5 - Arbitrator Falls Asleep - TX
  • Case 6 - Arbitration Association Fails to Disclose - MD

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